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George Charnley

Freelance Product Designer with 6 years experience running end-to-end design  and build both in-house and agency side.

I ❤️ design strategy and product ideation. Based in London and available for work, remote or in office.

George will add value to any team he joins - He is intelligent, considered and a joy to be around. He runs wonderful workshops, deep user conversations and can present his ideas in clear and easy-to-understand ways.
CJ Daniel-Nield
Co-founder, Planes studio
I've had the pleasure of working on small briefs and multi-month projects with him and can attest that George is a designer who just gets sh**t done!

His Figma skills are second to none, his ability to extract golden insights out of customers is unparalleled, and he has an open and charismatic communication style that brings everyone along on the journey.
Angus Innes
Senior Product Manager, Planes studio
George is direct but also respectful, enthusiastic but patient, always trying to focus on delivering his best work.

The close working relationship with the development team saved a lot of time and pain and allowed us to build better products more quickly.
Andy Grant
CTO, Octopus Money
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